Let's Amuse... Lifestyle brands

The brands you consume represent the lifestyle you lead. This is the philosophy that leads the strategy for our clients in fashion, beauty, and education. By blending the art of content and the science of data, we help you find the right places and moments to engage customers.   

Quartier DIX30

Canada’s first true lifestyle destination centre. A community of over 300 boutiques, restaurants and entertainment spanning over 2.5 million sq. ft.

Amuse acts as the Chief Digital Officer for this account across the Web, newsletters, social media strategy and community management. Through strategic communications including copywriting, content creation, and curation; we are transforming the traditional mall marketing into a community based conversation spanning culture, music, fashion, and lifestyle.

machina santé +fitness

A health and fitness centre in Montreal's Mile End neighbourhood.

Services offered:

  • 360 digital strategy: posting strategy, copywriting, email campaign, social media advertising, pre-launch sales strategy.

  • Online customer service

  • Digital growth consulting


Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's coconut oil. A vegan, all organic, coconut oil based luxury hair care line that delivers salon grade results without the toxins and harsh chemicals.

Services offered:

  • Creative direction

  • Brand conception

  • Integrated campaigns

  • Content creation

  • Targeted growth and advertising

  • Community building

  • Influencer program

  • Ad spending analytics


Discover nightlife at your fingertips. Nightspree meets the demands, needs, and the dynamic lifestyle of the elevated nightlife consumer.

Services offered:

  • Creative direction

  • Advertising strategy

  • Integrated campaigns for downloads using FB App Ads

  • Targeted growth strategy

  • Copywriting services for all digital platforms: web, social, and in-app content

Schaf skincare

Practice safe skincare. Vegan, toxin-free organic products for healthier, naturally radiant skin. 

Services offered:

  • Facebook advertising strategy - FB Ads Manager carousel and canvas ads

  • Google advertising strategy - Google Adwords display and search ads

  • Targeted website traffic strategy

  • Build custom targeting audiences


Attainable luxury for men and women. Based in Montreal and sold in upscale boutiques and department stores across North America, this leather brand came with the hopes of rebooting their social media presence. 

Service offered:

  • Content creation

  • Targeted growth

  • Influencer marketing

  • Event coordination (pop-up shops, Toronto Fashion Week workshops etc...)

Education: Point 3 (language school), The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts (acting school) 

These clients main goal was to grow, sustain, and involve the student committee, to keep current students engaged as well as attracting new talent to the class. 

Services offered:

  • Content organization

  • Targeted growth and advertisements

  • Community building